Camping Tips – How To Stay Dry While Camping

As we start the new camping season its always good to review some tips on keeping dry. Nothing makes a campout more unbearable than getting your gear all soggy! Although most people camp during the summer months when it’s warm and dry there are times during the season when you will get rain. But, fear […]

Hiking and Camping Tips

Hang clothes using bread bag clips Have you ever gotten wet while camping? Well this can sometimes happen spontaneously or on accident and you may not be prepared. Clothes clips are bulky and heavy so many hikers and campers don’t bring them along. There is an easy solution for hanging your clothes. Bread bag clips […]

Why Cabin Tents Are Ideal for Family Camping

Spending some time away from the city can be a great way to escape from hectic work schedules, traffic jams, pollution and noise. Sometimes what some people need is just some peace and quiet. However, you don’t have to do it alone. Why not bring your family members with you? Camping is the outdoor activity […]