Hiking and Camping Tips

2Hang clothes using bread bag clips

Have you ever gotten wet while camping? Well this can sometimes happen spontaneously or on accident and you may not be prepared. Clothes clips are bulky and heavy so many hikers and campers don’t bring them along. There is an easy solution for hanging your clothes. Bread bag clips are great for hanging clothes on a clothes line. All you need to do is push the bread bag clip over a piece of cloth and on to the line. It’s a quick, easy, and effective way to hang your clothes.

Use frozen drinks instead of ice for your cooler

If you are going on a long camping trip, you may want to bring a cooler full of food. Many campers will use ice to keep the food cold. The problem with using ice to keep your food cool is that it will melt after a couple of days and you will have a lot of water at the bottom of the cooler, getting all of the food wet and soggy. An easy solution to using ice cubes is freezing drinks and putting them at the bottom of the cooler. When the drinks melt, they won’t get the other food wet or soggy. They also stay ice for a longer period of time. An added bonus is that you will have a fresh bottle of drinking water once the bottle does melt.

Use tooth paste to relieve itches from mosquito bites

Despite all of your efforts to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, chances are you will have at least a few bites. This can be a constant irritant and really affect the satisfaction of your camping trip. An easy solution to dealing with this itching irritant consists of simply applying a small dab of toothpaste to the affected area. The toothpaste will provide instant relief from the itch. Keep in mind that the toothpaste must be a paste and not a gel for it to be affective.

Bring five emergency essentials for day hiking

When you are in the outdoors, you never know what is going to happen. Many things can go wrong and if you don’t come prepared for an emergency, you may find yourself in a bad spot. There are several things that are essential to bring on any type of hiking or camping trip. These things don’t have to be big or bulky and can be easily stored in a lumbar pack.

1. Map and compass: I recommend bringing a map and compass when you are on a trip. This will ensure that you can safely find your way out of dense vegetation if you become lost.
2. Granola or Cliff Bars: It is also smart to carry a couple granola or cliff bars so that you have sufficient energy for your hike.
3. Sun Protection: If you plan on hiking, it is smart to carry sunscreen as well as sunglasses. This will prevent you from any injury if you find yourself being exposed to the sun.
4. Bottle of water: This is a “no brainer.” Stay hydrated.
5. First aid kit: The kit doesn’t have to be big but it should include a few bandages, adhesives, and a disinfectant.

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