Tent Camping For Beginners – What Kind of Food to Take Camping

7You don’t have to worry about being a picky eater when you are tent camping. The fresh air is an appetite stimulant like no other. Camp food should be easily portable. Take as much nonperishable food as possible – ice only lasts a short time. Freeze perishable foods beforehand and pack a bottle of frozen juice in the cooler. Just remember to take a little juice off the top to leave room for expansion. That way you will have cold, refreshing juice and can use the frozen juice to keep other foods cold.

Don’t forget plenty of water. Large, collapsible water containers are available at sporting goods and big box stores. In addition to drinking, water is needed for coffee, tea, instant soups, and dish washing. When you are camping, you can’t have too much water. Locate a water source near your campsite. Even if you have to hop in the car or boat, you may need to replace the water before you are ready to leave. Never drink the water out of lakes, rivers, or streams as that water may be polluted, even in the most natural setting.

When you pack for your camping trip, take bottled, nonperishable juices, often available in small, single serving bottles good for hikes or mini-treks away from the campsite.

As you pack for your camping trip, remember to include all dietary needs. Fruit does not need refrigeration. Dried fruits last forever and will provide you with fiber.

A list of suggested camp foods will include meat (frozen, canned, or dried). Cereal packed in zip lock bags can be spruced up with nuts, seeds, or dried fruit.

Noodles, including quick-cook Ramen or thin spaghetti come in handy. Macaroni can be bought in boxes, cans, or you can make your own at home. Most hard cheeses do not need refrigeration. Vegetables can be dried or canned. Onions packs well and need no refrigeration. Peanut butter is an easy, inexpensive, energy food and packs well.

Soups, instant, canned, or a quick camp made soup of diced vegetables, noodles, rice, potatoes, and beans is a great tummy warmer on a cool night in camp. Rice is a dry, light food easily packed in plastic bags and combined with beans, onions, and a sprinkle of cheese offers a nutritious and hearty dish for campers.

Nuts and seeds can be added to many meals or eaten alone for a healthy snack and added fiber.

Coffee, tea, and instant hot chocolate are a must for chilly mornings and nights. You can use the coffeepot to heat water to tea or hot chocolate.

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Of course there are other things that you will need to take on your camping trip:

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