Outdoor Camping 101 – Tips For Beginners

9Camping basics might be the best information you should know when you plan to enjoy the outdoors with friends or family. There is an increase in awareness in communing with nature as more and more people become convinced of the therapeutic effects of spending a weekend in nature reserves or camping grounds. Anywhere in the world, people are seeking the refuge of Mother Nature’s calming and relaxing effect that only she can provide.

There are five points in considering camping on the weekends. These are generalized points to remember so you can be the prepared the best way you can. You will know what to expect, what to bring, and the information can save you from unnecessary worries and possible accidents.

Plan your camping getaway thoroughly. Some adventurists are open for play by ear planning when it comes to their time spent outdoors. But for beginners most especially, having plans is a must so you will not end up having bad first experiences in the outdoors. As early as two weeks prior to your camping trip, research about the area. Find out of their systems of calling for assistance and let at least two of someone you know who will not be going along in your trip know where you are going and how long you plan in staying there. In that way, you are assured that someone will come looking for you if things could go wrong.

Keep your camping gear at a minimum. First time campers might buy everything posted in outdoor catalogues due to their clueless idea on what basic gears or equipment are required in a typical one to three days camping trip. A beginner must have a cooking set, stove, tent, bag, trekking shoes, map or GPS gadget, food, water container, and night lights to keep him starting. You will learn the other stuffs you might need along the way.

Always know emergency and first aid measures. There is a greater possibility of hazards when camping outdoors so a first aid kit and emergency contact means should always be on stand by. Having basic life support and first aid courses or refresher before going into an outdoor adventure is a requirement to assure you can handle minor injuries until real help can come along in the wilderness.

Follow a simple trail first and proceed to another level later. Unless you have other seasoned campers with you, do not attempt to start your outdoor experience with hard trails. You would want a gradual leveling in your camping experience so you can adjust your ability to learn and accomplish simple to complicated trails.

Avoid disturbing the ecosystems. Going into the woods or wilderness would make you an invader to the local inhabits of the area. Wild life can feel threatened in their territories and can become hostile especially when they have a nest or a young to protect. Avoid causing too much disruption and respect the animals and plants in the camp area so they will not be forced to make you feel unwelcome in any way.

Going camping should be tried by anyone at least once in their lives. You should not be arrogant about nature tripping as nature can pull many tricks which you are helpless about. So when going outdoors, always remember you are a part of a bigger system.

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